Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Navy: 25% off one item coupons in Sunday paper circulars

The past 2 weeks I've noticed that Old Navy has been running coupons on the inside of their Sunday paper circulars. If you still have yours and haven't clipped it, pull it out!

I clipped mine last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of deals in-store that weren't published on the website. For instance, I found a new pair of "Sweetheart" jeans on sale for $19 and used the 25% coupon on them. If you're looking for gift ideas, Old Navy also has lots of fun flannel pants, socks, colorful hat/scarf combos, and fun gloves & mittens for all ages. There is a suite of argyle tops/sweaters for most sizes if you or someone on your giving list like argyle.

During my store visit, my cashier put a coupon for $10 off a $50 or more purchase. The coupon is only good in-store and expires December 24.

I plan to go back this week with my 25% coupon and $10 coupon if possible! This might be a great "double dipping" deal.
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