Monday, December 7, 2009

Anatomy of a Freebie - Wielding November's 1800Flowers $40.00 Fresh Rewards

Remember way back when - There was a freebie $40 Fresh Rewards credit at 1-800-FLOWERS hot off the presses? You simply created a set of date reminders (for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), and rewards points were credited to your account. These points were then converted/posted as a $40 credit in the first ten days of the following month. So when I caught wind of the deal in early November, I signed up using my "junk coupon" email account - and set the account to filter/forward to my regular email any message that might be related to when my Fresh Rewards status changed.

Today I received my serial number and PIN for a $40.00 credit. It was fabulous! I ordered some flowers for my mother-in-law's upcoming birthday, and here are how the discounts stacked up:

$29.99 for the flowers (white calla lilies with red roses, so pretty!)
$12.99 for weekday delivery
+$1.92 tax
($40.00 Fresh Rewards code)
(15% discount of $4.50 using code BIRTHDAY15)
Grand total: $0.40

Did I mention I also clicked through ebates to get 10% cash back? Yes, that's only $0.04 cash back, but at this point, it's pure sport. So real grand total = $0.36.

I am so excited to hear how the delivery/quality of the flowers goes. You can bet I'll be on the lookout for future 1800flowers offers.
The November-era posts about this deal didn't reveal any expiration date, so it may still be good if you haven't checked it out yet!

Disclosure: If you join ebates using our referral link, you'll get a $5 bonus to start, and so (thanks!) will we..
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Anonymous said...

That is awesome!
I didn't jump on the deal when you posted about it last month (I thought "oh I need to do that" and then promptly forgot about it), and now I definitely regret it!
You got a great gift with your freebie credit. Love it!

Courtney said...

I got my promo coupon this week as well and it said you can use it at their affiliate stores such as the Popcorn company. Well, I tried it there and got two gifts - one for my husband and one for my brother oversees in the military. However, the fresh rewards code didn't work and when I called customer service they transferred me to a salesman. Twice! I ended up calling back a third time and simply cancelling the order. I was very disappointed! I'm not sure I would do another fresh rewards deal at this point.