Friday, October 15, 2010

Frugal Friday: Buying Travel Sized Toiletries at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

It's time for Frugal Friday!

I visited Bed, Bath & Beyond for the first time yesterday in ages. Really, ages. I mean, when did they install a huge pharmacy section? I was shocked to see makeup, soap, etc. as part of the new "Harmon Pharmacy" in my local store. What a change!

I had expired coupons in hand and was determined to get a Snuggie as a gift for my SIL. I knew BBB accepted expired coupons, so I planned to use a $5/$15 purchase coupon along with a 20% off coupon. The Snuggie was quickly found and cost $14.99. Wanting to get over the $15 limit, I walked through the new travel toiletries section. That place is mini heaven! I was impressed with the variety of toiletries and the competitive pricing. I like a particular aerosol hairspray and mousse, and both were there. Contact solution is only $1.49, not ~$5 like it is everywhere else. Major props to BBB for this new endeavor! I hope it lasts!

So, back to the Frugal Friday story. I bought a Snuggie and 2 travel size toiletries and spent just over $12. Score! I plan to go back with other expired coupons to stock up on Christmas gifts in the next few weeks.

Keep those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons!
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