Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I give my younger brother and sister-in-law credit; they sure know how to arrange an egg hunt. Yesterday, they accompanied my daughter on an egg hunt featuring 23 clues which they had designed. Yes, 23! She loved it - every few seconds, I would hear her shriek, "Oh, there's another egg!" before squealing all the way to her next clue destination - the clothes dryer, the high chair on the deck, etc. The clues tucked in the eggs were tiny papers showing digital photos of the next eggs' locations - so no reading or divining otherwise required.

My brother told me that this indentures my husband and I to one day do egg hunts with my brother's kids, when he and my sister-in-law are disoriented and bleary-eyed from parental fatigue. (Fair enough, I say.)

Now, on to the menu plan for this week. After yesterday's feasting, I have more than a little bit of leftovers to work into the next couple of days.

Breakfast - Yoghurt with honey and banana
Lunch - Vegetable soup and leftover Easter beer bread
Dinner - Salads with cheddar, avocado, cilantro, tomato, baked shredded chicken

Breakfast - Microwave-fried eggs, sliced apples, milk
Lunch - Coconut curry quinoa with veggies
Dinner - Baked sweet potatoes, collard greens with leftover Easter ham

Breakfast - Oatmeal with raisins, milk
Lunch - Hummus with naan bread, salad
Dinner - Scrambled eggs, sausage

Breakfast - Mango-yoghurt smoothies
Lunch - With a friend! - fruit salad, regular ol' salad with mozzarella and tomato, homemade bread
Dinner - Frozen lasagna, salad

Breakfast - Gluten-free sugar-free gingerbread with whipped cream
Lunch - Leftover lasagna, salad
Dinner - Shrimp BLT club salads

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