Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Baby Shampoo in Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers

It's Wednesday - time for another "Works for Me!" tip, inspired by the blog carnival/series at We are THAT Family. To see this week's Works for Me Wednesday tip carnival, click here.

Do you have a stash of baby shampoos in your closet? Last fall I ended up with bottle upon bottle of free-after-coupon Huggies shampoo. While it works well on my daughter's hair, I also had many bottles of L'Oreal Kids shampoo that we need to use, too.

I recently stumbled across a great use for mild baby shampoos like the Huggies formula or the Johnson & Johnson types. I had picked up a foaming-style kitchen soap at CVS with a freebie coupon that CVS had mailed me - I was sad to see it run out because I love that foamy texture.

On a whim, I filled the dispenser half-and-half with water and the Huggies shampoo (which is a thinner consistency anyway). After some shaking to mix, this pumps out beautiful fluffy puffs of foamed soap as though the shampoo came with the bottle. Bonus: the baby shampoo formulas are mild enough for baby's skin and often hypoallergenic, so washing your hands with a diluted version won't dry them out!

How do you save money on hand soap and hand soap refills?
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UnfinishedMom said...

This is a great tip! You should post it for frugal friday too! FYI - I've started doing this same thing. Hubby thought I was nuts when I put shampoo in the hand soap dispenser!

Melissa said...

Great tip! I just started mixing up foaming hand soap using body wash. The body wash is concentrated, so it only takes a tiny bit (I forget whether it was a teaspoon or a tablespoon) to make a whole dispenser full of foaming hand soap.

Anna Marie said...

You can also use this trick using regular handsoap (the clear, not creamy, kind), as well as with dish detergent or with Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soaps. I usually add only about an inch of soap then fill with water.

Puanani503 said...

what a great idea. I used the dawn..but now I'll use the baby shampoo stash instead!! Thanks for sharing:)

~Alison~ said...

I've been refilling my foaming dispenser in the kitchen with dish soap and some water. I use the foaming pump for both my hands and the dishes (pump a little onto the sponge) so instead of having the bottle of dish soap and a bottle of hand soap on the counter, I just have one bottle and use it for both!

In the bathroom, I had a small bit of body wash left but I wanted to move on to a new scent for my showers, so I filled the foaming dispenser with the body wash and some water to dilute. Otherwise, that small bit of body wash would have ended up under the bathroom sink and sat for ages until I decided to go back to that scent!