Saturday, October 10, 2009

Giant Followup: Philadelphia Cream Cheese at $0.58/each! Also, Cheap Snack Packs Pudding, Cheap Sugar, and FREE MILK!

On a trip to Giant this weekend I noticed that Philadelphia Cream Cheese retailed for much less than I previously estimated. Since it's BOGO this week, and an 8 oz. block normally goes for $2, this is how you can work a deal:

Pick up 6 Philly Cream Cheeses
Use 2 of the manufacturer coupons found in the in-store holiday dessert coupon booklet described in this past blog post
(These are for $1.25 off of any three particular items, including Philly Cream Cheese)
This coupon was also recently found in-store at Shopper's Food Warehouse!

3 x $2 (since they're BOGO) = $6
Coupons = ($2.50)
Total for six 8-oz. blocks = $3.50, or $0.58/each

This is definitely a stock-up opportunity if you can get your hands on this coupon! Cream cheese has a relatively long shelf life, but can also be frozen.
Another deal spotted was the Hunts Snack Packs 4-packs of pudding down from the normal price of $1.33/each to $1 each. Use the $1/4 coupon from the October All You to get these for $0.75/each, or less than $0.20 per pudding cup. The August All You also had a B3GO (buy 3 get 1 free) on Snack Packs, which would work out nicely with this deal to the same price point.

Finally, Gina pointed out a Catalina deal (through 10/15) that is out for FREE milk at Giant. This deal wasn't mentioned in my Giant ad, but it was on a teensy weensy shelf label on an aisle end display (go figure). Do go yourself a favor and check out Gina's scenario for working this offer buying Keebler crackers for less than the cost of a gallon of milk - and walking away with the free gallon of milk to boot! Nice.

Gina also mentioned that her Giant ad had 5 lb. bags of sugar priced at $1.49, a price I have not yet seen in my Giant ad or Giant store, but it probably applies to much of Northern VA Giants!

Click here see our listing of this week's sales and matchups at Giant, including how to get FREE Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets.
Giant Followup: Philadelphia Cream Cheese at $0.58/each! Also, Cheap Snack Packs Pudding, Cheap Sugar, and FREE MILK!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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LisaBulloss said...

Thank you for posting about the coupon booklets with the cream cheese coupon. I found them with baking goods near the front of the store.