Monday, June 22, 2009

Notes on Today's Trip to Giant - Blueberries = FREEBIE Ziplocs? And a cool self-checkout lesson!

A tip of the hat to reader Anna today, whose savings comment spurred me to get my coupons together and get our booties out the door for a trip to Giant of our own! Click the pic to see more details. Everything was on sale and/or couponed except the organic milk, which is a splurge staple in our house, and the local papers with coupon inserts inside, which at $0.25 each are a sound investment. :)

As Anna pointed out in her field report, the delicious Sabra hummus was very cheap indeed, at two tubs for $1.29 after two printables and the BOGO price. See the rest of this week's deals and coupon matchups here.

You know that crackly noise that metal detectors make when they sense metal? After couponing a while, you develop something similar that propels you to undercover tearpads, peelies, and other "stealth" coupons. I was picking up the already-quite-cheap $1.25/pint blueberries, when I saw that some pints had a stealth peelie (crackle! crackle! crackle!) for $0.75 off any Ziploc Brand Containers. Since I was getting blueberries anyway, I made sure that all pints in my cart had this peelie.

When I got home, I did a happy dance upon discovering that this is a "starting-with-5" coupon, meaning it will double or triple. Even if I just doubled it, I'd be already $0.25 to the good on those blueberries, but I'm thinking of hitting up Bloom's triple coupons this coming weekend to see if these peelies will get me any free Ziploc containers once they triple to $2.25 each...woo hoo! One caveat: When I peeled it off, it took some of the opposite sheet's colors with it, making it sort of blotchy (see closeup pic above by clicking for a zoom view), so if you get these peelies, take'em off slowly and carefully.

Though Anna had no problem with the BOGO Oscar Mayer sale working with the Oscar Mayer coupon, my Giant's checkout system refused to play ball (though ironically, it did accept the BOGO SoBe printable with its BOGO sale - go figure). The very nice lady who was helping me explained that sometimes the BOGO sales and freebie coupons work, and sometimes they don't - and she is supposed to go with whatever the computer decides. Hm... I'm thinking if I reaaallly wanted those hot dogs, I could have gone to customer service, but being ready to hit the road with my tot, I just asked her to void the hot dogs from the transaction (I'll probably get a free pack with the freebie coupon some other time).

The lady at checkout had also showed me a fun new trick - a variation on one I already knew. When you're having trouble getting something to scan at self checkout, you can hit "Keypad" in the center of the right hand side of the screen, and simply key in the item number on the bar code (including the lonely single digits each to the left and the right of the main ten digit number) - and hit "Enter". This one I already knew, but my Internet-printed coupons weren't scanning, and this is when she told me that I could do the same thing with the coupon bar codes, and she showed me. She came back several coupons later to check on me - and they were going through, no problem. Cool! You learn something new every day. (She still had to enter the freebie coupons since those require a cashier to enter the value of the freebies in question with their authorized card.)
Notes on Today's Trip to Giant - Blueberries = FREEBIE Ziplocs? And a cool self-checkout lesson!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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