Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8 RedBox Code Freebie Rental - and Other Redbox Codes

Edit: due to reader feedback we can no longer recommend either of these codes. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused (and thanks to our readers for telling us about it!).

Crystal says that you can still use this past weekend's code DEVRY6268 at Redboxes through the end of today, Monday, June 8. Woohoo, and thanks Crystal for publicizing this! Happy free renting, folks!

But please note:

If it's your very first time using RedBox with a given credit card, use the code
REDBOX first (this is a one time only code good only on the first time you use Redbox). If you want to use this code and the Monday 06/08 code, then you pretty much need to rent two movies tonight, using REDBOX first and then the Monday code.

your local Redbox kiosks at nearby gas stations, grocery stores, and other locations.
Search the
Redbox Movie Titles for tonight!
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The Alchemist said...

Neither the REDBOX nor the DEVRY code worked for me today at Shoppers redbox. I had not used redbox before.

Anonymous said...

I sent my hubby over to RedBox tonight to take advantage of this deal, but for some reason the code didn't work :(
He double checked by calling me and the code was a no go. Maybe RedBox realized tonight that the code was still active so they made it inactive? He was there around 8 PM. So we ended up not getting the movie tonight.
I also noticed that the link to Crystal's site in your post was broken and when I checked moneysavingmom I couldn't find the post, so maybe she removed it?
Guess we'll be waiting 'til the first Monday in July for our free Redbox movie. I miss their free movies EVERY Monday night instead of just the first Monday of the month!

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Thanks for your feedback on this, ladies. At least one other blog listed this deal as being good through 06/08, so it's a major bummer that it didn't work for you. I was getting my hopes up that Redbox might do more frequent freebies despite their "once monthly" announcement, but it looks like not! Sorry for the inconvenience that this caused for you both.

For me, the freebie codes have worked flawlessly in the past any time I've entered one (I've rented up to 5 or so free - but didn't make it to a RB last night), so I encourage you to not write off the Redbox experience based on this one inconsistent freebie code.