Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding Red Plum Inserts - Get Your Mitts on Some!

We often receive comments or emails asking about what happened to the Red Plum / Valassis inserts. As many of you have noticed, the Washington Post stopped carrying Red Plum inserts back at the end of February. It was back then that we first reported on ways to "reclaim your Red Plums!" Among them:
  • Seek cheap or free local papers. Click here for more info on finding your local papers that carry Red Plum inserts.
  • Ask your friends, relatives, and/or neighbors if they use the Red Plum inserts that they receive.
  • Sign up to receive your one free weekly Red Plum by mail. (Thanks, Frugal Coupon Mom!)
  • And...reader Trisha just emailed us a very interesting tip! She asked her mailman to save any spare RedPlums at the end of his route for her - and he did! Last week she opened her mailbox to find 12 (!!) extra Red Plums - free, y'allz! If you happen to have a chance to interact with your mail carrier, this may be the easiest, cheapest way to get your hands on some Red Plums. Yay for creative strategies and reader emails! Thanks, Trisha! (Why do I have the feeling that Trisha's mailman is going to mysteriously stumble upon an extra large bag of couponed treats at Christmas this year? lol)
Red Plums are still within your reach - go snag yours today. :)
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Jackie said...

I didn't even think to ask my mailman. I have a wonderful mailman who would probably be very willing to hand them over to me. One less thing for them to drag in! Heck, I'll even offer to just take the whole bundle of ads that the Red Plum comes in and recycle it for him. Great idea!

UnfinishedMom said...

My suggestion would be to subscribe to the weekend edition of the Baltimore Sun. The Sun still carries the RedPlum insert. Plus, because its circulation is larger it always has more coupons than the Post does. I have a subscription to the weekend Baltimore Sun that only costs me $0.99/week. With the savings I get from the coupons each week, this pays for the cost of the newspaper.

Holly said...

That is a great idea about the mailman. I don't usually see my mailman ...maybe I can leave a note?? Any suggestions?

hehehe I got another paper I found just this weekend. Of course, don't everyone take all of the copies please! But, the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star which is $1.50 includes both Smart Source and Red Plum!!! I found it at Shoppers in Manassas and it came out to $1.40. Plus, shoppers also has the Gainsville Times for $.50 comes out to $.40 and includes Smart Source only. Cheaper than buying the Post.

Another place is in Fairfax County libraries, check out the information center you can ask the front desk or customer service where the paper information is and they have the Fairfax Times for FREE! It is printed on Wednesdays and usually shows up at Libraries on Thursdays. If you show up on Wed you might be able to get last weeks too.

I also understand that Prince William libraries also have the papers available FREE too but I haven't seen it for myself yet. I hope this helps. If people take the papers hopefully they will continue to print them.

Another thought is to talk to the librarian and ask them if you can recycle what they have left??

Again, don't take too many because the rest of us want some too!

Holly said...

I just looked up UnfinishedMom's suggestion about the Baltimore Sun and for me it would cost $3.50 a week just for the Sunday paper to be mailed. Not the best deal. For others it might be a good deal.

Here is a post on my blog of newspapers I mentioned earlier.