Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Invite Company For Dinner - $5 off $15 purchase Giant (and Stop and Shop) Meat Coupon Debuts!

Let's all send reader Cheri a big virtual hug: she just alerted us to a suhweeeeeeeeeeeeeet coupon for $5 off a $15 meat purchase at Giant. This coupon is good 06/15-07/02. Cheri, you just save us a bunch of money, girl! Thanks so much for this hot tip!

As before, this $5/$15 meat purchase at Giant coupon does not require a BonusCard for discount - neither do its stated terms.

If you shop the Giant affiliate chain Stop and Shop, you can get the $5 off $15 meat purchase at Stop and Shop coupon here. (Thanks for the Stop and Shop coupon link, Bargain Shopper Lady!)

How could you use it for this week's Giant deals? Buy 3.5 lbs. of London Broil or Boneless Beef Chuck Steak. Use the coupon. Then scan your BonusCard. You'll pay $3.75 for $15 worth of beef. That's a price worth clearing some freezer space! :)

Note: Some stores have permitted the scanning of this coupon before BonusCard discount, while (according to reader comment feedback - thanks to all who write with their experiences!) some have not. The last time the $3/$15 coupon came out, I made a couple of trips to Giant and used the self-checkout as I almost always do. The second trip, I made consecutive transactions using this coupon before BonusCard - and a lady who was the designated "self-checkout duty" employee at the time took the time to stop and check out my coupon - in fact she came over twice, once during each of two transactions and asked where I got the coupon. Once I told her that it was freely available on the Giant website, she said, "That's really cool," and allowed me to continue with my other transactions. Since she was watching me, and we've heard of others being able to use this coupon before the BonusCard is used, it is probably a store-by-store basis whether or not you can use it before BonusCard, though the coupon's stated terms do not require the BonusCard to be scanned before the coupon is scanned.

Also, a reader told me earlier this week about a Giant employee refusing the coupon outright (even with well over $100 of meat in the transaction, ergo way more than $15 worth post-Bonuscard discount) - and belittling the couponer, acting as though the coupon was fradulent. This sort of treatment is rude, embarassing, and unacceptable! Fortunately, the reader informed me that later, this particular Giant's manager received a very well-written email about the experience, and since then has been reassured that the customer was in the right and that the coupon is legitimate for use. We mention this story to point out: the with/without and before/after Bonuscard element seems to be on a by-Giant basis, and you may need to add some meat to your transaction if your Giant requires post-Bonuscard scanning, but don't be afraid to seek management's assistance if your coupon is being rejected outright.

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dozenhalls said...

I LOVE your blog because you shop at the stores I shop at but not the same stores so we can both get the deals! Thanks for the Giant alert. That will be a HUGE blessing! God's richest blessings on you. You have no idea how many you touch :)

Jackie said...

NICE! I was going to make a run in the next day or two to stock up on meats. Yeah! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kate said...

FYI, I tried this with the $3 coupon. I begged and pleaded with the cashier to scan the coupon before my bonus card. She flat out refused. Said that they were REQUIRED to scan the bonus cards before ANY coupons and that they were watched by management over a closed-circuit video system. Sigh.

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Thanks for the feedback on your experience, Kate. Obviously some Giants permit this and yours (at least your cashier and/or management) doesn't. I self-checkout almost all the time because I find it most convenient and next-to-no lines during weekdays. When I used a series of the $3/$15 once, the Giant employee on "self-checkout monitoring duty" (who watches all terminals to help those with issues) came over to investigate the $3/$15 coupon, twice, once in each of two transactions, in which I scanned my BonusCard afterwards (I think the $3 seemed like too high of a coupon value for her to think it valid or something...when she had asked me where I got it, I said the Giant website had them freely available), and she finally just said, "That's really cool." and was happy to let me use them in both. So I guess it might be a store-by-store basis. Good luck if you decide to try it elsewhere!

Nicole said...

I'm horrible @ math.
If I bought 4 lbs of the center cut pork chops that are normally $3.99/lb, that would be about $16. Use the coupon, that would be $11. Use my card, that would be $2/lb off right? So that would come out to $3 for the 4lbs of meat? is that right?

Mel said...

I used this fabulous $5/$15 coupon today in the self-check line and didn't have any problems. Can't beat 5 pounds of various meat for $10! I will definitely be going back.

And I did input my phone number after scanning the coupon. That seemed to be the trick on the self-check machines.