Monday, June 29, 2009

FREE Shipping over $25 on June 29 and June 30 - plus $5/$20 P&G products via CVS gift card

Remember the AdPerk deal from a ways back (though the 20% offer is no longer active)? You buy $20 of P&G products, you get a $5 CVS gift card mailed with your products. This deal is still good through tomorrow, June 30th.

CVS just emailed me a deal: use the code SHIP4FREE at checkout to get all orders over $25 to ship for free.

There is yet another active deal out there: spend $60, and get $10 off just for signing in with your account, and $5 off if you use your Mastercard to pay for the items.

Maximum 'net' possible discount if you purchase at least $20 qualifying P&G products in a $60 transaction in the next two days: $20 ($5+$10+$5 gift card) off $60.

Incidentally, I price compared one qualifying product - Gillette Fusion cartridges (the manual ones, not battery-powered ones). 4 of the Fusion cartridges go for $14.49 at ($3.62/each), while 16 of the cartridges go for ~$41 at my local Sam's club ($2.56/each). If you bought 4 of the 4-ct. boxes at $57.96 and threw in a filler to get to $60, you'd get 16 cartridges for $45, plus a $5 CVS gift card, bringing the 'net' to just under the Sam's price for 16. If you don't have a Sam's membership or a Sam's nearby, this might be worthwhile - up to you.
FREE Shipping over $25 on June 29 and June 30 - plus $5/$20 P&G products via CVS gift cardSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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