Saturday, June 27, 2009

FREE/Cheap Rollable Chicken Deal at Bloom Courtesy of Frugal Friends

Frugal Friends posted yesterday on how Perdue chicken packages containing $0.75 coupons (tripling to $2.25 off through June 30 while Bloom does triple coupons) can get you more FREE or cheap chicken.

Check out this chicken deal STAT! Thanks, Frugal Friends! :)
FREE/Cheap Rollable Chicken Deal at Bloom Courtesy of Frugal FriendsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Anonymous said...

Thanks RU ladies for linking to my post!

I've done a little update on this deal. I'm not sure how the Perdue Perfect Portions have been priced at different Bloom stores in the area, but I got the $2.25 on Wed. 6/24 at one of the Fairfax, VA stores. I returned to a different Bloom store in Manassas today and saw them only discounted down to $5.39 a package, regular price was $8.99 (with triple coupons this brings the price down to $3.14 for 1.5 lb, or $2.09 per lb.); an okay price but not stellar in my opinion, and definitely more effort involved with having to get the coupon and return on separate trips for each coupon. Also, apparently some packages have the coupon and some do not.

It looks like this sweet deal may not be available anymore. I was bummed to see the price only marked down to $5.39 today... hopefully others were able to catch it when it was priced lower like I did last Wed.!