Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FREE Nakano Rice Vinegar, up to $4 in Value

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This particular freebie for a bottle of regular or seasoned Nakano Rice Vinegar caught my attention because I occasionally (attempt to) make homemade sushi in a bid to save money over restaurant or grocery store sushi. Rice vinegar is a nonnegotiable when making sushi, so a free $4 bottle gives you that much more of a savings over getting sushi elsewhere, since rice vinegar and nori (the seaweed sheets, available at Shopper's, Safeway, or Asian and international grocery stores) are the two foundational ingredients that cost the most. Bonus: the nori is quite nutritious, being high in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Go here for some starter ideas on sushi recipes. I love mine with avocado and cucumber...mmm!

Go here for starter ideas on any recipes involving rice vinegar - which, as Freebies4Mom so rightly mentioned, makes a great dressing base.
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