Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast - Strawberries and cream dusted with cocoa powder
Lunch - Salads with chicken, walnuts, papaya, raspberry vinaigrette
Dinner - Scrambled eggs, sauteed squash and scallions

Breakfast - Nutmeg ginger banana pudding, almond butter smoothies
Lunch - Spinach gorgonzola omelets, sauteed mushrooms and onions
Dinner - Baked chicken (Nature's Promise whole chickens on sale @$1.69/lb. at Giant this week! Retails $1.89/lb.), brussels sprouts, salads

Breakfast - Cottage cheese, fresh berries
Lunch - Nectarine slices (nectarines $0.99/lb. at Giant this week!) broiled with cheddar cheese
Dinner - London Broil roast beef (one sale at Giant @$1.99/lb.) in the crock pot with carrots, mashed parsnips

Breakfast - Fried eggs
Lunch - Pork and vegetable soup (ingredients cooked and ready in the freezer)
Dinner - Broiled fish, sweet potato fries

Breakfast - Papaya coconut smoothies
Lunch - Scrambled eggs, guacamole
Dinner - Grilled brats, salad, watermelon
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