Friday, August 27, 2010

30% Off Through Sunday: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Outlet

Use this coupon to get 30% off in-store at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Outlet. It is good through Sunday. 5% of purchases associated with this coupon will also go to Feeding America. (Thanks Crystal and Lisa for this link.) If you receive Gap or Old Navy or BR emails, you are likely to have this coupon sitting in your inbox, which has a one time use only online shopping coupon code. Flat rate shipping for shopping from all three sites is $7. Going through ebates will save you an additional 2% off at these stores in the form of cash back when you're shopping on line.

I managed a trip to Potomac Mills with this very coupon, and the Gap outlet store was hoppin'. The clearance racks for each sections were kind of minimized and there was a LOT of new merchandise on display, nearly all of which was marked as being 20-40% off the lowest ticketed price. (Then I was mentally subtracting about another third off the discounted price for the coupon burnin' a hole in the bottom basket of our stroller.)

Here's a very rough price guidelines for the price after coupon. I didn't hit the men or boys' sections because my husband doesn't need anything and I don't have boys. If anybody wants to comment with pricing on these, though, go ahead!

  • Women's sweaters and cardigans: $15-$25
  • Women's light-tissue tees in a wide variety of colors, including many with embellished necklines: $10-$20
  • Women's denim: ~$20-$25 (Most priced at $45 with 20-30% off the lowest ticketed price, then subtract the coupon) - there is a LARGE selection
  • Women's wrap dresses, around $20-$25 after all discounts
  • Long-sleeved v-neck shirts on the clearance rack, $4.99, minus 30% for the coupon, down to $3.50!
Girls' section:
  • Short and long-sleeved T-shirts starting from around $6 through $12, so more like $4.20 thorugh $8.40
  • New not-yet-marked-down girls' skinny jeans are $24.99, so after coupon, $17.50ish. Other girls' jeans and pants will go down as low as $10ish with coupon.
  • Capri leggings in a wide variety of colors (shown layered under a denim skirt as a wearing option) are $9.99 - so $7 after coupon
  • Girls' fall shoes mostly marked $16-$20ish, so $11.20ish is as low as most will get (unless you buy shoes on clearance). This is comparable with Target's shoe prices for young girls.
So, you will definitely get cheap-for-Gap prices with it, and if you snag something from the clearance racks you will do that much better. Me? I was trying to resist the urge to purchase the entire girls' back-to-school section. ;)

As a disclaimer, if you sign up for ebates under our ebates link (here), we will receive cash back thanks to you. You'll receive a starting bonus, too
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nathancwiley said...

That is a really good discount on women's sweaters. The sweaters will probably be even cheaper at the outlets.

Kara said...

They make such cute women's sweaters, and the price is right! I really like that color!