Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alert: Bloom Double Coupons Likely Later This Week!

We got a tip from reader Amy via email. She says,

" favorite check out person at Bloom that starting Wednesday they will be doubling up to $0.99 (manufacturers coupons only). She said she thinks it is going to last the entire month. I'm in Fredericksburg and heard this at the Bloom on Rt. 2. :-)"

SWEEEET. If Amy's tip works out, it would be an ideal time to shuffle through your coupon envelopes and flag the hot ones under $0.99. Bloom typically limits to 20 in one transaction, so to max out your trip it would be great to have those 20 ready to go - could get you in and out fairly quickly!

Thanks so much, Amy, for your email! :-D
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