Monday, August 2, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I'm learning a whole lot about new ways to prepare foods, particularly vegetables and seafood. I got over my childhood-associated Brussels sprouts phobia with terrific results - now we eat them about once weekly, we like them so much.

I think this week I will try to breach another, bigger childhood-associated veggie phobia - beets. (*Shudder*) I think that perhaps the one and only time I tried beets as a child, they were pickled. Either way I have a bit of a mental gag reflex when beets are even mentioned. So they're the perfect item to tackle next, right? ;-p But this time the ones in my fridge are fresh, and I'm going to slow bake them. Give them one more chance.

Breakfast: Banana custards with cacao nibs
Lunch: Bacon cheese miniquiches, salad with cherry tomatoes
Dinner: Baked chicken, roasted beets with feta

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, watermelon
Lunch: Banana almond butter smoothies
Dinner: Fried lemon tilapia (on sale at Giant), avocado, salad

Breakfast: Cottage cheese, watermelon (on sale at Giant @$3.88/ea!)
Lunch: Eggplant French-toast style, sliced cheese
Dinner: Sliced steak over kale salad

Breakfast: Trail mix
Lunch: With a friend - crock pot chicken and veggies, watermelon
Dinner: Leftover chicken, cobb salads

Breakfast: Banana coconut smoothies
Lunch: Mushroom onion omelettes
Dinner: BLT salads
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