Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Rating Library Books for Future Gift Ideas

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I just discovered our local library this spring.



I know. I KNOW. How is it that a supposed frugalista just now discovered the local library? *Momentarily smacks forehead...* To tell the truth, I'm not entirely sure what took me so long. (And to Mel's credit, she's been a longtime patron of her local library.)

But there was a major catalyst at play that spurred us to finally join: me getting sick of reading my three-year-old daughter the same books over and over. (And this, believe me, despite the fact that she has TONS of books via gifts, yard sales, etc.)

Now over the past few months we've averaged borrowing about 7 childrens' books or so per week. We've also discovered our library's once monthly book sale, wherein they liquidate excess inventory. Kids' hardbacks are just $0.50/each on the first day of the sale! (I really need to consider remodeling my daughter's bedroom to feature 20-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling bookshelving, and a freely gliding library ladder, a la Belle's library in Beauty and the Beast. But first, we should, you know, get a new water heater. Priorities!)

Every time we come home from the library, I take just a moment to document which books we've borrowed. As we read them, I put one star next to titles that I'd borrow again, and two stars next to titles which were so wonderful that I'd buy or gift.

This ongoing list gives me a quick reference for when a child's birthday or other occasion is approaching - I can quickly eyeball the "two-starred" books for inspiration. (Of course, this concept would be sweetened if I could then subsequently snag said titles brand new with a "30% off one item" Borders coupon, since there is a Borders just around the corner from me.)

Writing down the week's titles takes very little time, and the rating takes even less, since of those seven there are usually just a couple that get one star, and one or two that get two stars. I love the idea of giving books - but especially stories which we've also read and thoroughly enjoyed - to the kids in our life!

(And...when I one day return to the fold of those do lots of recreational reading...I'll probably apply this concept to grown-up oriented selections, too. :-p)

Rating library selections works for me!
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