Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Shopper's Food Warehouse Run - 70% Saved!

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Ohhhh it was a good trip to Shopper's Food Warehouse this morning. I actually got brave and did my first run using the Shopper's self checkout. I've been comfortable using the Giant one, but each self-checkout system is quirky in its own way, so I'd been hesitant to clog the self-checkouts at Shopper's with tons of coupons. This morning, though, the clogging was at the service checkouts, so I decided to go for it! I'd say it was a good experience. A few pointers:
  • If you have any coupons whose tripled total is more than the value of the product, save those 'till last - because like me, you will probably need to ask the self-checkout monitor to process those himself/herself. In my case, I had 6 of these, so it wasn't a big deal. However, if you have a TON of coupons for freebies (with overage?), you might be better off going through the service checkout.

  • Go s-l-o-w-l-y when scanning coupons, and after you've scanned the coupon, be sure to wait until the machine's done gabbing through its, "50 cents savings, 50 cents savings, 50 cents savings," tripled coupon spiel before you put the coupon in the coupon receptacle slot. Be very slow and deliberate about putting your coupon in - you are most likely to register with the machine as having submitted the coupon this way.
Included in this listing are some matchups not originally listed (though they have now been added to the full Shopper's Food Warehouse triple coupon matchups listing):

Mahatma Yellow Rice (saffron package), $0.99
$0.75/2, 08/30 RP
Final price: FREE!

Mahatma Brown Rice, $2.39
$0.55/1, 08/30 RP
Final price: $0.74/bag! Yeah, cheap, healthy eating!

Musselman's Applesauce, Key Lime flavor marked down to $1.55 to clear
$0.50/1, July All You
Final price: $0.05 per four-pack!

Domino Sugar, white, 2 lb. box, $1.99
$0.40/1, 08/30 RP, or $0.30/1, 10/18 RP
Final price: $0.79 to $1.09/box

Domino Dark Brown Sugar, $2.09
$0.40/1, 08/30 RP, or $0.30/1, 10/18 RP
Final price: $0.89 to $1.19/bag

Tyson Honey BBQ Any'Tizers, $2.49
$0.75/1, September All You
Final price: $0.24!

Smithfield Bacon, 2/$6
$0.55/1, 10/25 RP
Final price: $1.35/package!

Yakisoba instant noodles, 10/$10
$0.50/1, 10/18 SS
Final price: FREE!

POM large pomegranate blackberry teas, $2.59
$0.50/1, tearpad not in Shopper's
Final price: $1.09

Breakfast Lean Pockets, $2.95 per two-pack
$0.75/1, 09/27 RP
Final price: $0.70/two-pack

Welch's Guava Pineapple juice, $2.79
$0.75/1, 09/13 SS
Final price: $0.54

Pampers Tub Sensitive Wipes, $2.89
$0.50/1, in package
Final price: $1.39/tub

L'Oreal Kids Shampoo (bottom shelf of shampoo section), $3.28
$0.75/1, 11/01 RP
Final price: $1.03/bottle

Got any coupon matchups of your own to share? Submit a comment at our original post of all the Shopper's triple matchups!
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frugalfriends said...

Wow, you did an awesome shopping trip at Shoppers! Thanks for posting a photo too.
I hope to make it out to Shoppers sometime tomorrow to use some of my coupons!

Holly said...

Great job ladies! I went to Harris Teeter today for triples and hope to get to Shoppers this weekend too. Have we confirmed that triples will be at all locations?

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

We are not sure which Shopper's Food Warehouses are participating this time around.