Monday, November 23, 2009

Check out Amazon Wish List!

In contrast to A's post last week on using Froogle for tracking wish list and gift items, I recently discovered the new Amazon Wish List feature. I, too, have used Froogle in the past, but I now believe has a better setup. Hooray!

As you may know, Amazon sells pretty much everything, and at great prices. But sometimes you can't find something you'd like on Amazon; their wish list in the past was incomplete without the new "wish list button." To set up a wish list with Amazon, go here. Then go here to grab the button and put it on your toolbar at the top of your internet browser. It couldn't be easier to track wish list purchases now!

Amazon offers the capability to set up your own personal wish list and any number of other wish lists. So you can set them up for other family members or even set up a "shopping list" like I did to track the items I think I'll buy for others as I see them throughout the year.

Again, hooray for Amazon! I'm really excited about how easy this feature has made my gift planning.
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Anonymous said...

We LOVE the Amazon wish list in our family. In fact, it's pretty much our Christmas/birthday/what I want to read/listen to idea list for the entire year 'round. If you are buying an item from Amazon, you are also probably getting a pretty good price too.