Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kohl's $10 Gift Cards - Bargains

I took my daughter to Kohl's today. About twice a year, Kohl's does a mail campaign which contains a gift card good for $10 off any purchase of $10 or more. FREE money - woo! Can't beat that.

Note: Reader Jen asked in her comment whether you needed a Kohl's credit card to get these - nope, not the one that I received! (In fact the only time I make it to Kohl's is when these cards are sent out...)

Both Mel and A. received $10 cards attached to the card stock Kohl's pamphlet ad last week (not a typical magazine-style ad) in the mail - no strings attached. Our n
ames aren't on the ads either; they're just mass-distributed in our NOVA areas to "valued customers" or some similar moniker.

The last time this card came out, I settled on a purchase of sale-priced Play-Doh items for my daughter, totalling $10.40, or $0.40 when all was said and done. So this time - I'll admit it - I was leaning a little toward a $10 fun somethingorother for me. :)

Here are some items that I spied that could be fun uses of the card. Mine was due to expire Saturday 08/22, so if you still have one burning a hole in your pocket, get to Kohl's ASAP! Of course Kohl's clearances have such high turnover that prices/items will vary, but these items I spotted could get your imaginations running:
  • Smaller-sized clearanced Nine & Co. leather-trimmed purses, $11-12 or less
  • Medium-to-large clearanced purses, $13 and up
  • Girls' shoes, clearanced to $5 - could net you up to two pair.
  • Girls' clearanced summer tank tops, $3.50+
  • Girls' clearance hair accessories (and even a winter hat!) - $1.40
  • JanSport zip three ring TrapperKeeper style binder, clearanced from $50 down to $10.
  • Clearanced jewelry $3 and up.
  • Women's shoes (especially sandals and summer styles): ~$5+ (also check by the bag section for lower-priced flipflops
What did I ultimately get? I saw a sale sign for $9.99 for 18 Keurig K-Cups, in Caribou Coffee, my husband's favorite! Ever since my parents and brother splurged on a Keurig machine as a gift for our household a couple of years ago, we've enjoyed the high-convenience and great taste of K-Cups, but I can't bring myself to pay full-price for them ($0.40-$0.50+ each) or use them as a regular coffee habit. Though the sale sign was obsolete, the employee whom I asked confirmed that I could still get the sale price. I was rung up for $10.24, handed over my $10 card, and the new ring-up was $0.00. Yes, $0.00 for 18 servings of some mighty tasty coffee.

Time to bust out the free Caribou coffee dance. Put your hands up to make some antlers and boogie. avoid making a complete spectacle of yourself...wait until you're in your car to do it. :)

What did you buy with your Kohl's $10 gift card? Dooooo tell!
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Jen Clark said...

How did you get the gift card? Do you need a Kohl's credit card?