Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stonyfield Products Rewards Club Online (Organic Dairy Rewards!)

Have you tried the Oikos Greek yoghurt? The honey flavor is really yummy - and the $1/1 coupons that have popped up every few months in the inserts often results in free or near-free yoghurt during coupon doubling specials.

Besides the couponing deals, I frequently buy the ~$3.50 quarts of Stonyfield Farm organic yogurt (especially when Dannon or Yoplait aren't on sale with coupon) and divvy it up over the week, sometimes mixing portions with jam, honey, molasses, and/or vanilla extract.

I also have been known to buy the odd half gallons of Stonyfield organic milk when I make a trip to Sam's Club (~$3.12/each) as I figure the $0.55 extra spent on organic milk is better than me making another trip to another grocery store (nearby Giant for $5.79/gallon organic milk, or more-distant Wegman's for the $5.39/gallon organic milk) - because I would almost definitely be tempted to get more than $0.55 of something else that I wasn't planning on buying. :)

That said, I was delighted to read (thanks, Freebies4Mom!) that Stonyfield Farm dairy products offering an online rewards program. Sweet! It may take some time depending on my Stonyfield buying patterns, but I'll slowly but surely earn some rewards, and they mail the rewards to you free, just like with Pampers rewards.
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Ebates and Swagbucks are both easy ways to earn rewards while doing what you normally do - web-searching through Google and shopping for bargains online!

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