Friday, July 24, 2009

Late Commentary on Giant Triplers and Catalinas - Reader Tips!

We got a fantastically detailed email from reader Trisha regarding her Giant experiences this week. Trisha, thank you for taking the time to write and share the bounty of details!!

Even though the sale prices no longer apply, some of this info may very well come in handy in future Giant deals, so we're going to loosely summarize Trisha's details here. (To her credit, she wrote us days ago, but we just noticed the email nestled amongst blog administrivia emails, so the delay is our bad!) The current week's deals can be seen at our post here.

For those lucky enough (MD-area this time) to have access to tripler coupons:
  • The tripler coupons were not in the ad that Trisha received in her flyer in the mail - but they were in the ad pictured online that was associated with her store. When Trisha got to Giant, the in-store ad had the triplers in it! Yeah!
  • Rules are as follows: you can use all 5 triplers at once, any coupon up to $0.99.
  • Trisha's cashier had no idea how to apply them, and tried to tell her that she could only use one coupon/transaction. Trisha said, "It says right on the coupon you can use them all at once, so I told her that. She had no idea how to work them, so I encouraged her to scan the tripler and then scan my coupon. It worked perfectly."
  • The triplers also say that they will not give overage, but will give the item for free. In any case, Trisha bought the Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (2/$4) and used the $0.75 with a tripler and it gave her overage.
  • Unlike the doubler coupons, you do not have to have a minimum purchase for these coupons.
  • Some other tripler coupon ideas (sale prices now vary):
    Pepperidge Farm Buns & Breads (2/$5 - a common sale price), $0.55 coupon (05/17 SS for buns, 06/14 SS for bread), makes the bread or buns $1.35/ea.
    Athenos Feta Cheese - $2.69, $0.50 coupon (05/31 SS), makes the feta $1.19 ea. Sweet deal! These are for the smaller fetas found in the dairy aisle.
    Special K Chocolate Pretzel Bars - 2/$5, $0.75 printable coupon [we couldn't find the source of this one...maybe a printable no longer available?], makes the box $0.25.

    Trisha had some other valuable info on a couple of Catalina deals:
  • There is another Catalina deal that is running on Kraft Mac'n'Cheese in in some locations. The offer terms: Buy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese during purchase dates and SAVE up to $2.00 With Coupon off your Next Order. Purchase Dates - Buy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Between 7/3 - 7/26. Buy (4) & Get $1.00 off...OR Buy (5) & get 1.50 off...OR Buy (6) or More & Get $2.00...Coupon Off Your Next Shopping Order.
    All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to Product in Stock. No Cash Back. Offer Expiers 7/26/09.

    For example, Giant had Kraft Mac N Cheese on sale for $1.00/box. There are also the Buy 3, Get 1 Free coupons out right now (06/28 SS, or printable here). So, with the Catalina, coupon, and sale, it makes it $0.50/box. Sweet deal, Trisha! She noted that her Catalina did not print for this, but the kind lady at customer service gave her $2.00 instead.
  • The Edy's/Eskimo Pie deal didn't print Trisha's Catalina for $4 off your next purchase either (It didn't print out for her last time they ran this deal, too). Again, the nice lady in Customer Service simply gave her $4.00, but Trisha mentions this so that those expecting Catalinas - remember to double check to make sure that they print - otherwise, consult customer service!
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