Sunday, July 5, 2009

GIANT: new $5/$15 meat purchase coupon!

As if there weren't enough reasons already to visit Giant this week, check it out!

A new $5/$15 meat purchase coupon is out, and it's good from July 6 - 16! It could make for some cheap chicken or pork this week, or something else next week. My local Giant usually puts meats on sale on Monday mornings as they may be at their "sell by" date. So you can bet I'll be there bright & early tomorrow morning. Yahoo!

Thanks to NovaThrifty for the heads-up!
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The Alchemist said...

When I tried to use the last coupon on July 2, it would not take the $5 off the pre-card price. It seemed like they fixed the computer coding of the coupon. I wonder if this one will work on the pre-card price at first?

Jen said...

Yep, it does seem that those seven stores really are the only stores participating. Well, to be accurate, I can only really say that my Silver Spring Giant is *NOT* participating, but I infer from this fact that it's not a region-wide promo.

In general I am cranky with Giant because their dollar doublers promo is fraught with problems. If you use the self checkout, the machine will only allow you 3 in a given transaction. I've talked to customer service about this at two different stores and both have said it's a programming error that corporate is uninterested in fixing. So this weekend I switched to checking out with a cashier. Well, with a cashier, my THIRD doubler was rejected. The cashier insisted it was because I needed $15 for each of the four doublers, although the language clearly states "Use 1 or all 4 with just one $15 minimum purchase." The manager she called agreed that I should be entitled to all four but could not override the system and sent me to customer service. Customer service cheerfully gave me $2, but it was irritating.

Then, when I got home and had more time to analyze the receipt, I discovered that the doublers ring up as $1/$6. So it is in fact a minimum purchase of $15 AFTER all coupons and discounts. I believe they have modified the fine print on the circular to indicate this - but that language was NOT on the circulars from the first three sales. Furthermore, the staff is not fully aware of the rules for the promo, which is quite frustrating.

I wish that SFW was still doing $1 doubling promos and/or I lived closer to Bloom or HT so I could more easily take advantage of their $1 doubles (plus triples under $1).

Sorry to be a comment hog - I should start putting couponing entries on my own blog!

Kristy said...

I have tried to print this coupon but everytime I try it says 'this link appears to be broken.' Advice?

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

We just checked the "grapevine" of alerts on this all the way back to the original Wicked Cool Deals post...looks like the links are dead all the way back now! :-\ Giant/Stop and Shop probably pulled them for some reason. We will let you know if we hear of a new $5/$15 or other coupon being issued.