Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Cleaning the Bathroom

It's Wednesday again - time for another "Works for Me!" tip, inspired by the blog carnival/series at We are THAT Family. To see this week's Works for Me Wednesday carnival, click here.

This week I wanted to share a tip I've picked up since having a baby. We do bathtime or shower time each night, and sometimes it involves significant waiting and sitting for me. Regardless, it's always at least 5 minutes, and the bathroom we use for bathing our toddler is the bathroom visitors to our home use.

That said, I feel obliged to keep it as clean as possible. To do this, I use those 5-10 minutes during bath/shower time to clean one thing at a time. Tonight I was able to scrub the toilet and scrub the sink. Sometimes I just disinfect the countertop, light switches, handles and faucet with a disinfectant wipe. Sometimes I Windex the mirrors. Other times I sweep the floor, and other times I take out the trash and replace the trash bag. Whatever the case, adding these small tasks up 3-5 times a week makes for a clean bathroom all the time. Not sparkling, but considerably clean. And that works for me!

Note: if you don't have a toddler bath time in your daily schedule, consider completing one cleaning task in your bathroom(s) each night regardless. Keeping up with one thing at a time and 5 minutes at a time is a lot easier than spending an hour on it twice a month!
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Liz @ Frugally Blonde said...

I do almost the same thing after my shower each day - one bathroom cleaning task. That way, I never have to do an "official" bathroom cleaning, but the bathroom stay pretty clean.

Rebecca said...

nice one!