Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fun and Frugal Tidbits Roundup

Here's a outside-the-box frugal homemade cookie recipe with kick - Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles, courtesy of Post Punk Kitchen. Dairy-free and egg-free, too.

Saving sanity and time is just as important (if not more so, arguably) than saving money. Ergo, do yourself and everyone else a favor and wash your hands! The New York Times' Tara Parker-Pope reminds us of how crucial cleaning your hands is to avoiding flu in general and H1N1 (swine flu) this winter. So stock up on your couponed hand sanitizers and Softsoap!

The Washington Post is reporting on the lower grocery prices at D.C./Metro area grocery stores, including Safeway and Giant. It also mentions that a Super WalMart (WalMart with full-service grocery store) will be opening in Manassas soon. Woo hoo!

Slash Your Grocery Bill with Store-Brand Products - Get Rich Slowly highlighted the importance of not dismissing generics out of hand - with savings illustrated in a neato table.

This guest post on Frugal Coupon Living, by Mama Cheaps' Devon describes how you can send otherwise useless expired coupons to military bases overseas - where the military commissaries (grocery stores) will accept expired coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date! Very cool idea - and will mean that your clipping efforts aren't wasted. Check out the Overseas Coupon Program today!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great links!
I was particularly interested in the Post article which mentioned a Super Walmart in Manassas. I've been debating with friends if it was going to be a "Super" Walmart or regular one because it is literally in the Manassas Mall parking lot (but the construction going on really looks like it will be huge). That answers my question! Manassas has become the land of grocery stores, because they have practically every grocery store option crammed into one city... Aldi, Bloom, Bottom Dollar, Giant, Grand Mart, Safeway, Shoppers, Super Target, and they're building a new Harris Teeter and Super Walmart too. That's a lot of choices (oh, and there's a Wegman's in the next town over). :)

Adrienne said...

Great tips this week! To go along with handwashing--teach your kids to sing a simple song like the ABCs, Twinkle, twinkle or Happy Birthday while they wash their hands. This is a good way to teach them how long is long enough to get hands clean.

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

In the interest of disclosure, we assumed based on the Post article's description of the new WalMart with, "a full-service supermarket...first "supercenter" -- carrying a full line of groceries" that it was a Super WalMart. Would be shocked if it were just a regular WalMart with descriptions like that in the article.