Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - "What Am I Gonna Do With All This PAELLA?" Edition

We spent the weekend with family, where I tried out a new recipe: Fat Free Vegan's Quinoa Paella (pictured below, with my own veggie selection). This is cooked, seasoned quinoa with a variety of veggies. It was meant to serve 4-6 - which in my pan turned out to be a very, very hungry 4-6! (I guess vegans need to eat a good-sized serving to count as sufficient calories/nutrition for a meal.) The blended flavors were nice - very subtle. Would be great in a tortilla with some added spicy sausage, sour cream, and cheese (ooops...I think that just deveganized the concept).

I also have some a whole lot of leftover food from this weekend's trip with the relatives, so that will factor in to the menu planning as well. Notice my naive prediction that pumpkin bread will last at least 48 hours in our house.

Monday, 09/20:
B: Cereal with milk
L: Leftover paella burrito-style in tortilla (and yes...possibly w/shredded cheddar and sour cream)
D: Leftover steak, diced on top of salad. Papaya/yoghurt smoothies for dessert.

Tuesday, 09/21:
B: Yoghurt w/pumpkin flax granola and Craisins
L: Leftover paella added to Progresso Light Santa Fe soup, leftover roasted asparagus
D: Multi-cheese tortellini, Barilla basil tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella. Steamed brocolli florets. Cubed papaya for dessert.

Wednesday 09/22:
B: Oatmeal w/milk and raisins
L: Applesauce, pumpkin bread, cottage cheese (hoping the paella's gone by now!), cheap hummus w/baby carrots
D: London broil in crock pot w/carrots, potatoes, etc. Strawberries for dessert.

Thursday 09/23:
B: Pumpkin bread, milk, strawberries
L: Leftover London broil veggies, strawberries w/cottage cheese and honey.
D: Leftovers (London broil, tortellini, etc.). Pumpkin bread and/or yoghurt for dessert.

Friday 09/24:
B: Yoghurt, strawberries, pumpkin flax granola
L: Jasmine rice, vegetables (frozen, likely), Trader Joe's masala sauce, hummus w/baby carrots
D: BLTs, if nothing else at Giant has caught my eye yet for the new round of weekly deals

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