Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giant Triplers?

I saw a Giant ad with triplers today, but it was on the same page as some specials for one particular Giant location. Can any readers/bloggers reading clue me in with a comment as to whether your Giant ad also featured tripler coupons? (Some get the Giant ad in the Washington Post as early as today.)

If there are indeed triplers in the circulars for more than a couple of stores, I'll try to take the time to also include tripler highlights in the Giant matchups for this week.

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Trisha said...

I've only ever seen triplers in a Giant ad when they are doing a "Grand Opening." We've had several grand openings around here (Maryland) in the past year and usually the triplers are only in the ad for that store. When they do have them, however, I have seen them in the ads you can pick up at the store (unlike the doublers).

Anonymous said...

Hi RU ladies!
Sadly I did not see any triplers in my weekly circular or in any papers near me for my local store. I also checked a few online circulars for different Giant stores neighboring me and didn't see anything. Sounds like Trisha might be right, perhaps it's a Grand Opening or Grand Re-Opening special they're doing? If you have a great Giant Triples run at your store, please post and let us know what deals you ended up snagging!

cassandra said...

I am happy to report triplers here in Stafford,VA. We just had a Grand Re-Opening in our area. Does anyone know of any good match ups for this week? I am eager to use my triple coupons!


Debby said...

i received 3 giant triplers - good for june 13 - 17 - today with my sunday washington post. it says it's for man coupon up to 99 cents. limit 3 per customer.

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Oooooo, it looks like triplers may be reaching critical mass. I will try to post some tripler deals in this week's Giant post by Sunday night! (We are currently doing some sleep reconfigurations with my 6-month-old so it's hard to predict when I'll get a moment at the keyboard in the evenings this week...) Thanks, everybody, for letting us know!

Holly said...

I haven't check my Sunday washington Post - coupon section but I got the regular ad yesterday (Friday) in the mail with the other ads and no triples.

Holly said...

I just looked in Sunday ad section and sure enough the Giant ad has the 3 triple coupons on the back page! Looks like there is no min. purchase. Sweet!

Lynn Lascola said...

Yes - got them in my sunday/weekend Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. 3.