Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 Reasons to Visit Giant this week 6/4-6/11

It could be an exciting week at Giant with an instant save $5 deal on a $20 purchase of selected sale items. See details below!

1. California Cherries, $2.44/lb. YUM!
This past week they were $3.99/lb.!

2. Thomas' English Muffin 6 packs, BOGO (save up to $2.99)
For this price, I could get them cheaper than Costco sells them!

3. Daisy Sour Cream, 2/$3
All varieties, 16 oz. container

4. Nature's Own Premium Specialty Breads, BOGO
If you've got it, take the $.75/1 Nature's Own Premium Specialty Bread (12-grain, 100% Whole wheat or Healthy Multi-Grain) from the Insert Flyer (one page) in Sunday paper 5/16 ~ may be a regional

5. $5 deal on page 10 of the circular!
Save $5 instantly off your shopping order! Use your Giant card and purchase $20 worth of participating Advantage items in one transaction and $5 will be deducted instantly from your order when you check out.

To find your area's Giant prices and circular, click here.

Stay tuned - we'll add more to this post as time allows.


Thanks for your patience this weekend while I was with visiting relatives!

Other reasons to visit Giant this week:

Big buy Top Round London Broil, or Boneless Chuck Steak, $1.99/lb. (Save at least $2.30/lb. This is a great rock-bottom price for freezing!)

Center Cut Pork Loin Chops, $1.99/lb. (Save at least $2/lb.)

Nathan's Beef Franks, BOGO

Fresh Pork Tenderloin, $3.99/lb. (Save at least $2/lb.)

Pacific Dungeness Crab, Jumbo Raw Gulf Shrimp, $7.99/lb. (Save at least $2/lb.)

Country Style Pork Ribs, $1.69/lb. (Save at least $1.30/lb.)

Ripe or Green Bananas, $0.49/lb. (Save at least $0.10/lb.)

Giant European Salads or Dole Salad Blends, 2/$4

Guaranteed Value Tomatoes 4 Pack, 2/$3

Post or Kellogg's Cereal, 3/$5
Post Naturals $2/1 coupon (may or may not apply)
$1/2 Kellogg's, 05/16 SS
Fruity, Cocoa, or Cupcake Pebbles 11 Oz,
Marshmallow Pebbles 10.75 Oz,
Golden Crisp 14.75 Oz,
Honeycomb 12.5 Oz or Raisin Bran 20 Oz.
Or Kellogg’s Froot Loops 8.7 Oz,
Cocoa Krispies 11.3 Oz, Cinnabon 10 Oz,
Corn Flakes 18 Oz,
Raisin Bran Crunch 18.2 Oz or Smacks 15.3 Oz,
Special K Yogurt 12.8 Oz,
Special K Vanilla Almond 14 Oz,
$1/2, Special K Cereal, 05/02 RP
Final price: $1.16/box

Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, 2/$1 (Save $1/2)
Note: reader reggstyl kindly alerted us to the fact that the formerly linked Campbell's coupon, once printed, specifically excludes chicken noodle soup. (We did not catch this because we do not print every single coupon link before publishing our Giant deals - and rarely print every single coupon link simply because we don't buy all products for which we match linked coupons.) Bummer! As always, please follow the terms of your printed coupon's fine print and practice honorable couponing.

Pepsi 2-Liters, 10/$10

Bounty 12 Big Roll Paper Towels, $11.99
See 04/25 or 05/16 RP (values vary)
Final price: varies

Uncle Ben's Rice, 10 lb., $8.99
$1/1 or $1/2, 05/16 RP
$1/2 (bricks)
Final price: Maybe as low as $7.99?

Giant Oil (Corn, Canola, or Vegetable), $5.99


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What other Giant coupon matchups and deals did you spot for the coming week? Did we make any deal-calculating hiccups? Post a comment to let us know!
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reggstyl said...

I'm headed to Giant today but I'm curious about the Campbells coupons. It says that Chicken Noodle soup is excluded. I'm new to couponing...are you suggesting that I try anyway? Am I misunderstanding either the coupon or the deal? Thanks for your time, I love your blog!

Redemption Unlimited Girls said...

Ack - this is one of the unfortunate products our Giant deals feature - we almost never have the time to verify each coupon link, let alone PRINT every single coupon (we'd run out of paper and ink fast if we did that, especially since we don't buy everything for which we link a coupon).

We DO NOT recommend using a coupon to buy Campbell's chicken noodle soup if the fine print specifically excludes chicken noodle soup! We continue to advocate following the terms spelled out on coupons.

THANKS for bringing this to our attention!