Thursday, December 2, 2010

Report from the Field: Kohl's $10 Gift Card FREEBIE, Results in Near-Free Jewelry!

A couple of days ago I received a Kohl's $10 freebie card in my mailbox - this is a card that you can use on any purchase of at least $10 pre-tax value. SWEET. I love it when these come around. They are usually cellophaned onto a larger flyer/brochure from Kohl's so keep your eyes peeled. The $10 coupon is good today and the next three days, if memory serves me rightly. I usually consider it a nice little challenge - how little can I get away with paying while still hitting the $10 threshold to use the card?

I stopped at Kohl's today after another errand since it was on the way home, and to my great delight they had a fairly big jewelry sale going on. Tables of genuine diamond chip sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry in presentation boxes - originally marked around $80-$90 - down to around $20. If you had a niece or other lady in your life who might appreciate those, the $10 gift card would make them just $10!

There were also racks featuring stuffed Dr. Seuss characters like the Grinch and the Grinch's dog (name escaping me at the moment...was it Max?). These, along with copies of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! were just $5 each - so someone with the $10 coupon could get a couple of fun kids' gifts for free. Niiiiice.

This time, I ended up selecting a pair of Dana Buchman clip rhinestone earrings - my mother-in-law wears clip earrings since her ears aren't pierced, and sometimes clip earrings can be tough to find. They were originally $16, marked down to $10.40. I paid the $0.40 plus a few pennies tax for a little bling bling to brighten her Christmas.

At checkout, I noticed that the gal in front of me was using both a recently-mailed Kohl's 15% off coupon AND a $10 coupon. When I asked, the cashier confirmed that you could use both a cash coupon ($10) and a percent-off coupon (%) in combination with each other. Wow! Wish I had known that, though it would have saved me only $1.50ish off of my earrings, leaving me to troll the clearance racks with an increasingly cranky baby for some item valued at about that amount in order to meet my $10 threshold.

Did YOU receive this $10 card? What did you use it to buy - something fun for yourself? A stocking stuffer or two?
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