Tuesday, December 7, 2010

News from Mel

I have bittersweet news to share...

My(Mel's) family is relocating to the west coast for one year! I've mentioned before that my husband travels a lot.  He has been gone for 2 trips, up to 2 weeks, each month, for most of the past 18 months.  So we're excited to have more time together as a family.

We'll get to experience corporate apartment life, a warmer climate, and many adventures for sure! So though we're excited, we're sad to say "see you soon" to our friends & family. 

We have friends we're excited to spend time with out there, and they've already introduced us to my new favorite bakery, Sprinkles.

I was so inspired by the salted caramel cupcakes there that I've got some baking, using this recipe, right now.  Mmmmm.  I'll let you know how they turn out!
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Safire said...

Hope you enjoy the west coast! We are also in the process of relocating out there. Big move!

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I hope it's California, at least, for the better weather! Sorry to see you go, Mel. I wish your family the best :)