Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas For Those Who Have Everything, Part 3: Give Discounts!

If you're scratching your head this year trying to come up with gift ideas for those in your life who seem to have all of their needs (and even wants!) covered, we have a few ideas for you. This is part of our series running this week on Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Who Have Everything!
  • Give Discounts! Just because a person has everything they could ask for doesn't mean that they don't love a good bargain - my in-laws will proudly identify themselves in this category! (And in fact someone's "have everything they need" comfort factor may very well be tied closely to their ability to budget and find a good deal.) Some of my inlaws' great delights are in exploiting Ruby Tuesday BOGO coupons, Dunkin Donuts free coffee coupons, Chick-Fil-A freebie coupons, etc.

    One way to give discounts is to give someone a starter coupon set, or a way to help organize an existing coupon set. My mother-in-law was already a rabid couponer before I gave her a portable file folder with date-labeled files for holding each weekend's insert set. She loves it so much that she has continued to relabel her folders with the newest dates as the old inserts have expired, and the file folder remains an integral part of her couponing strategy.

    A family favorite "give discounts" idea for us is the 2011 Chick-Fil-A "Cowlendar" - it has coupons on every page! You also saw a restaurant discount idea in our first part of this series, where we mentioned a current 80% off gift certificate deal as a good resource for eating-out discounts.

    A final idea on a way to give discounts is to give a 2011 Entertainment Book as a gift. It's jam-packed with coupons relevant to your area - a great way to encourage the recipient(s) to try new activities, see some movies, go to restaurants, all at a greatly reduced rate. There are also many freebie or freebie-with-purchase coupons in this book, so it's got some no-cost options available to the recipient right away.
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