Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of An Era: Redemption Unlimited Closes with 2010

After nearly two years and over 1000 posts, it is with bittersweet hearts that we announce the news: Redemption Unlimited will finish posting on December 31, 2010. We hope that somehow our blog has helped you, whether in a concrete sense by supplying coupon matchups, or in an inspirational sense with the ways we've sought to manage our family budget through frugal practices.

Thank you to our fellow bloggers who have shared deals and and offered support - it is a great and dedicated group of folks who take on the task of organizing deals for the world at large. Thank to you to all of our readers who commented, who emailed, who sent us tips on hot deals, and of course who READ our blog! We started this blog with the aim of consolidating the deals we'd been emailing to each other in a single spot - so that others might find good bargains, too, so of course the readers were our core inspiration.

Have a wonderful Christmas this week! We'll close the year with a few more grocery deals and maybe some post-clearance finds, and after that we'll take a bow and ring in the new year.
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Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I'm sorry to hear that! Maybe in another season of life you'll be able to pick up again.

Best wishes for the holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hi RU ladies,
I'm sooo sad to read that you'll no longer be blogging :-(
I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and *getting to know you* by the great deals, tips, stories and fun writing style you've shared in the blog-o-sphere.
Mel & A. - I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!
Laura, Frugal Friends in Northern Virginia

Shannon said...

Thanks for all you've done, you'll be missed! Happy holidays!

Adrienne said...

we'll miss you :(

Nicole said...

I'll miss you!

Holly said...

Will miss you!