Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Go-gurt popsicles!

About a month ago I(Mel) couponed my way to 4 nearly free boxes of Go-gurt. This is not an item I normally buy, but I found a variety that was made with skim milk and had a lower sugar count and went with it. What to do with 4 boxes of Go-gurt?

Frozen popsicles, of course! The Go-gurt website even advertises that if you freeze it, it will thaw by lunch. I like to freeze it so we can eat it as popsicles after pool outings. And by we, I mean that Mama likes it, too! Popsicles for 70 calories can't be beat.

The only hitch is that I really have to help my toddler with it. It takes a few minutes to thaw enough for him to eat it, and he needs help pushing it up. By next summer maybe he'll have that skill mastered!
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