Monday, July 12, 2010

Salmon @ Giant Cheaper than Previously Thought

So...we are starting to eat a lot more fish and other seafood lately. You could say that I'm making friends with the folks at the seafood counter at my Giant. Being the daughter of Midwesterners, the seafood counter has just always seemed so...well...exotic, if that's believable! But I'm trying to get over the intimidation and have been ordering up lots of fresh and thawed seafood as advertised in the Giant ads, normally the items from the front page. I usually end up on, or, or other sites trying to figure out how to cook them.

With my inlaws stopping by for dinner this past weekend, I ordered up three from a stack of the biggest salmon fillets I've ever seen. No kidding: these suckers were at least as long as my forearm. The guy behind the seafood counter was very nice, mentioning, "...each fillet is a pound or a pound and a half..." I'm guessing he's had his share of people who order up a bunch of seafood only to realize that they've spent way more than they thought.

Well, in my case, I was shocked afterwards to realize that I'd saved way more than I initially thought. While the salmon in the Giant ad is advertised as $9.99/lb. (Save at least $3), the in-store retail price was $19/lb.!! I guess more like Save at least $9/lb.! So the three monster fillets that would have run around $85 actually cost me a bit over $40. I should also note that besides the leftovers I sent home with my mother-in-law, we also had enough salmon to make leftovers meals for my three-year-old daughter, myself, and my husband today, so it's really about what would have generously fed at least 8 adults at just over $5/head - not bad for a normally pricey wild-caught fish. After all, when is the last time you saw a salmon dish plus sides in a restaurant for well under $10? And a few ounces of canned salmon can run $2 or more - compare with 16 oz. of ready-to-cook fresh salmon for $9.99.

My husband grilled them up marinated in a foil packet. Yum.

@ l., marinating before hitting the grill.
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